It is with a heavy heart that Bread Culture will be closing its doors at the end of September. Although we started Bread Culture amid the pandemic, we were successful thanks to all our loyal customers.
As many of you know, we are not a Chef, not a special one, even don’t have any baking and pastry diplomas, we are just ordinary bakers who love and enjoy baking. Nonetheless, many of you became our valuable loyal customers. We truly appreciate everything you have shown for us, and it has been a pleasure to serve you and neighbours our bread and pastry.

On the contrary, our personal life was being severely affected and we were becoming extremely exhausted. Under our limited production capacity and spatial limitation, we had to push ourselves to work harder and harder to meet the customers’ demand, so we have been working 7 days and over 100 hours a week just for 2 or 3 days open.
We often failed to make customers satisfied due to our limited business days and production. Because of this, we have always been under intense pressure and we also failed to manage our physical and mental health.

So we have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue running Bread Culture under these circumstances, and we have made the incredibly difficult decision to close Bread Culture.

The last day of Bread Culture is September 25, Sunday.
If you are a gift card holder, please use it before we close.

We truly apologize for all the inconvenience and disappointing you, but it’s been a privilege being a part of your morning delight and treat, and we thank you all for your loyal patronage over the last two years.

Kindest Regards,
Thomas & Sunny